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Marano Lagunare (UD)

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MARANO LAGUNARE (UD) - Chiesa parrocchiale di S. Martino

The organ was built in 1773 by Francesco Dacci and restored in 1980 by the organ builder company owned by Franz Zanin (Camino al Tagliamento, Udine, Italy).
The instrument is placed in the chancel of the church, over the main entrance door. The organ's case leans against the counterfacade. The front side of the principal has an upper lip shaped like a shield and 27 pipes,
laid out in a cusp disposition, with convergent wings. The Tromboncini (very small-scale regals, often of wood, sometimes brass or pewter funnel-shaped resonators) and the Cellos are located at the bottom of the instrument.
The two keyboards are composed of 45 keys and have a short first octave Do1-Do5 (C1-C5). The diatonic buttons are covered in box wood and the bandeau frontal is shaped like a spiral. The cromatic buttons are covered in ebony wood.
The console pedalboard is made of walnut wood, composed of 17 pedals and has a short first octave Do1-Sol#2 (C1-G#2): there are 12 real notes. The pedalboard is constantly connected to the keyboard.
The registers are activated by pommel-shaped tie-rods, located at the right of the keyboard (for the Great organ) and at the left of the keyboard (for the positive organ), always in a column-like disposition.
The division of the voices (basses/sopranos) is the following: Do#3/Re3 (C#3-D3).
The accessories are the following: a pedal Tiratutti (amechanism to insert the registers of the "full organ"), a Ripieno G.O. actioned by a "pedaletto" (a small pedal that, when pressed and inserted, plays the two keyboards together, joining the pipes relative to both) and a pommel-shaped tie-rod for the rullante (snare drum).
The organ has an equable temperament.

Organ specification:

Principale bassi e soprani(8')
Voce Umana
Flauto in VIII bassi e soprani
Flauto in XII
Tromboncini bassi e soprani
Violoncelli bassi e soprani
Ottava di C.
Duodecima di C


Principale soprani 8
Ottava bassi e soprani
Voce umana
Flauto in VIII bassi e soprani

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