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The Sauer-Organ (1908) of the Erlöserkirche at Bad Homburg
The organ Sauer, placed in the Erlöserkirche, is the biggest organ in Bad Homburg. Inaugurated on 17th May 1908, this colossal instrument matches the phonic conceptions of the time. With almost 4000 pipes disposed in three manuals and a pedal, it is one of the biggest still existing Sauer instruments of the period. To obey the rule of the time, the organ has got a crescendo, a wind-chest for the second and third manual and an echo organ, placed in the vault of the church. In 1938 the organ was renovated after the movement called “Orgelbewegung”, among whose supporters there was also A. Schweitzer, who rediscovered the baroque phonic conception. Some registers were replaced by lively sounds in order to play baroque operas. In 1993 the historic Organ Sauer was restored by the organ manufacturer Licher Foerster& Nicolaus, bringing it back to its original state. Moreover were added a fourth manual with 16 registers in the style of Sauer and a new console with all the technological innovations. Nowadays it is possible to play the organ both using the original Sauer console and the modern one.

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