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The Great Jann Organ of Stiftsbasilika Waldsassen (Germany)
The organ in the Stiftsbasilika at Waldsassen was built by the Georg Jann (Allkofen) from 1982-1989 after plans by Günther Kaunzinger. The organ's nine divisions (seven manual and two pedal for a total of 103 stops) are located on the West, South and North galleries of the nave. The organ utilises two consoles of six manuals each made by the company Laukhuff-Weikersheim. The console for the principal organ with mechanical action is located on the West gallery; the second console, connected to the organ by means of a light fiber cable, is mobile and can be placed anywhere in the nave. Each console contains a digital recording device which makes it possible to record and play back performances with their original sonorities. A memory card system enables split-second changes among the some 6000 combinations available.

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