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How to order

To order the CDs/DVDs, simply complete the order-form and sent it. IMPORTANT: after this, please copy-paste all content of the order and send it by email to: musichiere70@gmail.com
To order a CD in digital format, simply choose "DIGITAL. NO SHIPPING COSTS" in the check-form page.
All CDs are available in CD audio format (44,100 khz / 16 bit). Fug 067 / Fug 075 / Fug 079 / Fug 080 are also available at a higher resolution (see details "Products" page).

To check your order status, please write to :

Shipping costs:
1-2 items euro 6,00
3-7 items euro 8,00
8 or more items euro 9,90.
1-2 items euro 7,00
3-7 items euro 9,50
8 or more items euro 15,00
Outside Europe:
PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE SENDING ANY ORDER, as shipping costs are much more expensive

On demand, we can also provide single tracks in FLAC format (
FLAC codec is an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality). Please write us an e-mail for more info.

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