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The Marienorgel of Ottobeuren Basilika (Germany)

This instrument was built by the company Steinmeyer & Co. in 1957 and is one of the most important achievements of this famous organ building factory. It is formed by two separated bodies, referred to as "Hauptorgel" and "Balkonorgel" and form the so-called "Marienorgel". The two bodies are activated by a single organ console, five manuals and pedals, recently renewed. The sound character is differentiated: while the body relative to '"Hauptorgel" includes registers purely Germanic type in "Balkonorgel" there are registers by different character, specially French and Italian. This arrangement makes it, in the intentions of the builders, this body can perform a repertoire of international music. The organ was in the 2001/2002 was renovated and extended by the company Klais always respecting the existing qualities of the instrument.

FUG 043

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