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The Stahlhuth/Jann Organ of St.Martin, Dudelange (Luxembourg)

The organ in St. Martin's church was built in 1912 by the organbuilder G. Stahlhuth (1830-1913) and his son Eduard (1862-1916). They were among the rare organbuilders able to incorporate both French and English characteristics into German romantic organbuilding. The three-manual organ of 1912 had 45 stops. In 1962, in accordance with the then predominant neobaroque tonal aesthetic, the organ suffered far reaching modifications: were removed the characteristic Stahlhuth stops and added a fourth manual. From 2001 to 2002, the organbuilder T. Jann restored and reconstructed the Stahlhuth pipes and windchests from 1912, removed the additonal stops from 1962 and harmonious extension of the organ up to 78 speaking stops with both German romantic and French symphonic tone colors. Thus, since 2002, the most significant trait of the organ is the stylistically authentic performance not only of German but also of French and English repertoire from the romantic-symphonic era.

FUG 022 - FUG 044

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