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Paolo Bottini

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Paolo Bottini hails from Cremona and holds a diploma in organ, pianoforte and harpsichordHis main interest is his work as an organist for the Catholic liturgy and since June
he has been official organist on the “Lingiardi”, an instrument made in 1865 and locatedthe Church of Croce S. Spirito. For over twenty years, he was substitute organist on the, an instrument located in the Cathedral of Cremona and has been working regularly27 June 2015 in Piacenza on the Serassi organ, formerly played by Father Davide ofIn 2012, Mr. Bottini obtained his professional diploma in the diocese of Parishe also spent two years as substitute organist at the Church of the Trinité. In 2001, heawarded a diploma on completion of an advanced course in liturgical and musical studies
(Coperlim) run by the Italian Conference of Bishops (CEI), and another for his work inof historic organs as promoter of the concert series “Organi Storici Cremonesi” (Historic Organs of Cremona) and “Pasqua sugli Organi Storici Diocesani”, (Easter on theOrgans of the Diocese [of Fidenza]). Mr. Bottini has been a member of thefor Sacred Music of the Diocese of Fidenza since 2000 and beween 1998 and
was also Secretary of the “Associazione Italiana Organisti di Chiesa” (Italian Church' Association). Mr. Bottini has won a number of prizes at internationalcompetitions held in Borca di Cadore (1997) and Sant'Elpidio a Mare (1998), atComposition Competition of the Lutheran Evangelical Community of Naples (2007) andthe Competition for Liturgical Composition in Versailles (2012). His recordings havepublished on CD by Bongiovanni (three discs on Petrali, Verdi and Busoni respectively);MVCremona (Galanterie; Concentus Ecclesiæ by F. Caudana; Il settecentesco organochiesa di S. Omobono in Cremona [The 18th Century Organ of the Church of St.in Cremona), L'organo di S. Agostino in Cremona; Fugatto (Improvisations on the Cantico dei Cantici; Dalla porta delle rondini (Improvisations on Cécile Sauvage's poems)]; L'organo Traeri 1723 di Camurana [The 1723 Traeri Organ of Camurana]) and by Elegia Records (Debussy à l'orgue). Paolo Bottini is the author of the first ever biography of Federico Caudana (1878-1963), which appeared in the Bollettino Storico Cremonese in 2009.

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