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St.Florian (A)

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The Bruckner Organ of St. Florian bei Linz (Austria)

The pipe organ in the beautiful Monastery of Sankt Florian in Austria is also called Bruckner organ which shows the connection Bruckner had to this instrument. In fact, A. Bruckner (1824-1896) was a choireboy there during his childhood, later on teacher and from 1850 to 1855 organist in Sankt Florian. According to his last wish, he was buried in the crypt beneath the main organ. In 1770, the provost M. Gogl (1766-1777) had charged the famous Slovene organ builder F. X. Krismann to build the new pipe organ that had 74 stops and 5.230 pipes and thus represented the biggest instrument in the Danube Monarchy until 1886. The wonderful organ case was constructed by C. Jegge and a certain J. J. B Sattler.. In 1873, the organ builder M. Mauracher modified the instrument for the first time. 1931/32, the organ was restored again by the brothers Mauracher who enlarged the instrument to 92 stops and 6.159 pipes. From 1945 to 1951, the workshop Zika modified the organ once again and added a fourth manual with 11 stops. Upon the recent church restoration, also the pipe organ was restored (1994 – 1996) by the company Kögler, pipe organ builder in Upper Austria. At present, the organ has 7.386 pipes and 103 stops, divided on four manuals and Pedal. Its beautiful sound and its connection to A. Bruckner have made her world-famous.

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